Our Story

"Every day, we strive to build and sustain relationships, for the greater good."
- Jason Whyte, Founder & CEO 


Most of us, if given the opportunity, would provide a warm meal for our neighbor who is suffering from cancer and cannot manage to take care of her family; would open a door for an at-risk youth to pursue his dreams, allowing him to rise above his circumstances; or would extend a helping hand to a family with a  newborn child who is suffering from a life threatening disease. However, we often feel restricted by limited resources and the hustle and bustle of life.


What if you were given the opportunity to contribute to some, most or all of the above scenarios by doing an everyday action - eating? 


Moved by these real life stories, we spent the last two years going door to door throughout the City of Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs talking with charities and local restaurants. Though we faced many challenges, we persevered. We are excited to share that we found a number of charities and restaurants that were excited to learn about us and could not wait to play a part!  


Today, you can enjoy a wonderful meal at one of our participating restaurants and a donation is contributed to a charity. Now every time you go out to eat – you can make a significant difference in someone’s life. We also provide an opportunity each month to meet and greet a featured charity at the “A Taste for Good™” event, hosted by a participating restaurant.


Now every time you go out to eat – you can choose to make a significant difference in someone’s life. Why not start today? Be the change by doing something you do every day. Use a sitiCare Certificate and dine out at selected restaurants. Most times we don’t eat alone either. So share this with a friend.




More on how it works:

  1. Select a Restaurant: check out our list of great restaurants in Philadelphia and surrounding areas and pick a place to dine.
  2. Buy sitiCare Certificate: when you purchase a sitiCare Certificate you get the full face value and we give 15% to the featured charity or 25% if used at “A Taste for Good™”. sitiCare Certificates serve as great substitutes for gift cards or dining gift certificates.
  3. Dine Out or attend “A Taste for Good” event: enjoy a great meal while making a difference. Unlike any other restaurant gift certificate or discounted coupon, sitiCare Certificate is a social tool that gives to those in need and raises awareness of a cause; providing you an intangible value. 
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